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Athletics Weekly Podcast

Athletics Weekly Podcast


theathleteplace joined Athletics Weekly, the world’s No.1 athletics magazine, to talk about the launch of theathleteplace, mental health in sport, personal experiences and what can be done to help others. With our chat starting at 23mins40s.

“Mental health and athlete welfare is a topic which continues to attract attention and create plenty of discussions but one man has decided to take some decisive action in a bid to help his fellow athletes (in all sports). Joe Fuggle a 400m hurdler and Loughborough University student who has competed for Great Britain at Junior level found himself struggling with feelings of burnout and ultimately stepped away from this sport temporarily. He admits he lost his love for athletics and in light of his own struggles wanted to be able to provide somewhere for other athletes to discuss their problems, start their own discussions and get advice from people who have been there and had similar experiences. Hence the recent launch the website theathleteplace.

“theathleteplace to me is primarily a peer-to-peer support platform, i have focused it around having a ‘place’ where people can go to feel understood, and where they feel that people actually have something in common with them”.

“talking nowadays is a big thing, there is a lot of difficulty behind communicating. theathleteplace has taken away a lot of those barriers to communicating and bring about that ‘me too’ aspect where people are in the same boat as you, that you are not alone“.

These points are massively important to theathleteplace, why it has been created and what it hopes to do going forward. Whatever it is you have going on, you are never alone – talk to someone.

“It is very common nowadays to think you’re alone and are the only person going through something… but that is never the case, we’ve all been through things where you think ‘oh…who do I talk to? I feel so alone”

“Sport is a very lonely place”.

Furthermore, we spoke about what caused symptoms of burnout for Joe and what can be done to stop them happening.

“For me, I think balance is the most important thing, perhaps in life as you can have that balance between what you enjoy, what makes you happy, spending time with your loved ones, keeping fit and healthy and also professionally. It is so important to have a balance, and if you feel like you are letting one of those things take too much control or take too much ownership over the other things… which is what I believe happened to myself.”

“it is important to know that it is happening and to be able to acknowledge it so you can make those changes, which will ultimately improve your happiness”.

We spoke about what led me to making the site, who it is aimed at and how it can help.

“I have a passion for helping others, it is something I am very interested in as well. The audience for theathleteplace is pretty much anybody, if you’re an athlete or not you will be able to relate to almost anything that goes onto the site in some way or another.”

“For example, Jess Tappin’s piece on body confidence. Body confidence is something that anyone can have struggles with, you don’t need to be an athlete to come to the platform, we are all humans first and foremost.”

To listen to the rest of the podcast, check it out above, our chat starts at 23mins40s.

If you feel like you can relate to or want to discuss anything spoken about, head over to theathleteplace discussion hub.

If you would like to collaborate, get in touch here, on socials, or at [email protected]

theathleteplace are proud to work with and promote athletes & content creators to produce what is needed to benefit those in need.

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