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The Ultimate Athlete Education Platform.

No matter what sport or where you are on your journey, The Athlete Place is here for you.


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Learn how you can make positive changes to help smash your performance goals.



Self Development

Develop positive habits and beliefs that will change your life far beyond sport.



Overall Wellbeing

We're not just athletes. We're human. A happy athlete is a successful athlete.



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🥦  Nutrition: The Basics

😊  Mental Health in Sport

🧠  Fixed vs Growth Mindset

🩹  Dealing with Injury

🎓  Should Athletes Go to College/University?

💤  The Importance of Sleep for Performance

🏃‍♂️  Specialising vs Generalising (Events/Sports)

💊  Anti-Doping (Full Access)

🤗  Safeguarding & Welfare (Full Access)

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Learn All the Skills Required to Be a

Successful and Healthy Athlete


The Athlete Place has everything you need to reach your goals in sport and in life.

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Learn from Experts

The Athlete Place utilises guidance and lived experience from elite athletes and experts in the field to give you REAL education.


24/7 Access for All

Our platform addresses the issue that athlete education and support are only available to those who meet certain criteria.


Evidence-Based Research

Our education is backed up by world-leading research to ensure credibility and that your development is No.1 priority at all times.


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Hi! I’m Joe,
 Former GB Junior Athlete and Founder of The Athlete Place.

I have been involved in high-level athletics for 10+ years and am now using my experience, knowledge and passion for helping others to create a platform that supports aspiring athletes and parents across all sports.

Despite being relatively successful on the track, I still struggled with sport-related mental health issues that ultimately forced me out of athletics. But without these, I would never have started The Athlete Place.

I now share my experiences to help others on their sporting journeys... I’d love to help you on yours! 

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Become the Athlete You've Always Wanted to Be...

We've created the ultimate athlete education platform... Everything you could need to increase the odds of smashing your goals in and out of sport.


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