theathleteplace community provides a safe environment for people to feel like they can be themselves, without judgement.


theathleteplace aims to provide insight into topics of importance. Giving people the opportunity to learn from their peers, taking something from each bit of content released or forum visited.


theathleteplace community is supportive of one another, helping to overcome issues or concerns – to become happier people.

other guidelines


A community made up of athletes from track & field and all walks of life. We are human beings first, athletes and parents second. We have a lot more in common than one would think, help each other out.


Be kind to others. Do not be disrespectful – in any way, shape, or form. We are in this together, treat others as you would want to be treated.

professional help

If you’re not feeling safe and need more urgent help, we’d suggest you contact SamaritansShout, Side by Side or call 999.


theathleteplace content creation is open to all, feel free to get involved if you feel you want to contribute to a concern or topic. Feel free to talk about almost anything you or others might like!


Interacting and creating content with an anonymous name will ensure confidentiality from other users. If you would like to create something and remain anonymous then you are welcome to.


theathleteplace aims to provide content that is not only educational but entertaining too. We want to provide content that will both help people and make them smile.


If you are interacting with others please give helpful, positive advice or feedback. Additionally, please avoid sharing graphic detail or methods on public platforms.

tell a friend

Please feel free to tell a friend about the platform and services we are providing, we are ultimately doing this to improve the lives of those in our amazing sport!


Content and comments will be moderated to maintain a supportive, friendly community who are aiming to benefit one another.