parents-only group

For less than the price of two high-street coffees a month you could help your child be happier and more successful both on and off the track... whilst also making your involvement more enjoyable!

"I created theathleteplaceâ„¢ to help other young athletes, and for them to succeed, the importance of parental support cannot be underestimated "

~ Joe Fuggle, founder and former GBJ 400m hurdler.

Join now for:

  • Safe, laid back space to interact with other athlete-parents.
  • Expert workshops (e.g. nutrition, school-sport balance etc.)
  • Live Q&As featuring top athletes, parents, professionals and loads more.

​"I wouldn't be where I am without the support my parents give me...They've fed me with belief and have spent the last 8 years driving me up and down the country to meets and training to help me turn my dreams into a reality! It's important they get support too so they know how important they are in our journeys and can continue to help us along the way, theathleteplace™ offers exactly that".

~ Keely Hodgkinson, Olympic 800m Silver and World #1.

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