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Side Hustle Series: Beth Dobbin

Side Hustle Series: Beth Dobbin


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  1. Who are you?

Beth Dobbin.

2. What sport do you do?

200m Sprinter for Great Britain.

3. What’s your side hustle?

I’ve recently signed up to BorrowMyDoggy, where I get to look after dogs and take them on walks when the owners are busy. I also work at the security gates on the Loughborough University campus and behind reception at the athletics centre.

4. Why did you start it?

I absolutely love dogs.

Seeing them whenever I’m training is a nightmare because I have to try so hard not to get distracted and go and stroke them. Anyone who knows me will have no doubt heard the crazy noises that I make when I am around dogs.

I think this all stems from wanting one really badly as a child but never being allowed to have one. This childhood trauma is probably what’s lead to me becoming completely obsessed!

I can’t get a dog of my own at the minute as I don’t have a garden and can be away a lot with races but spending time with dogs definitely gives me a mood boost and it’s something fun to do outside of athletics. I believe it’s so important for athletes to have another outlet and usually I would spend time with my family and friends but that’s not possible at the moment due to Covid.

Basically what I’m saying is I’ve replaced my friends with dogs.

5. How do you make it work around training?

I tend to walk the dogs on my rest days. I find that this works really well as the gentle exercise helps with my recovery and stops me from sitting down at home all day.

We’d love to hear about more athlete’s side hustles and what they get up to. If you’ve got one you’d love to talk about, please get in touch!

Side Hustle Series: Beth Dobbin

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