TAP Run Club ⚡️ Waiver and Release Form

Thank you for your participation to the The Athlete Place (TAP) Run Club. THEATHLETEPLACE LTD (“TAP”, “The Athlete Place”, "The Athlete Place Run Club", "TAP Run Club", “we”, or “our”) is owned by Joe Fuggle. The Athlete Place Run Club is run by Joe and Community Manager - Jay Martin, who will also host the Run Club. We want to create a welcoming and enjoyable community where you can benefit physically, socially, and mentally from participating in our Run Club. We hope you will return with your friends, training partners, and coursemates.

THEATHLETEPLACE LTD have risk assessed the route for the run, but as it takes place outdoors it will include public roads, parks, other pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Weather conditions can affect various surfaces, but there are unforeseen factors outside our control.

Before you take part in any of the TAP Run Clubs you, the participant, must read, understand and agree to the following:

1. I am taking part in the TAP Run Club entirely at my own risk.

2. I accept that THEATHLETEPLACE LTD (including its employees, officers and directors) shall not be liable or responsible for anything related to or arising out of my participation in the TAP Run Club, including, but not limited to, any injury, loss, or damage to myself, or any third party of property.

3. I am in good health, physically fit and I am not aware of any physical or psychological reasons why I cannot take part in the TAP Run Club.

4. I acknowledge and agree that any TAP Run Club activity in which I engage carries an inherent risk of potential accident or injury.

5. I am 18 years of age or older and competent to sign this Waiver and Release.

I have read this Wavier and Release and I am familiar with and understand its contents.

6. By signing this waiver and release I am agreeing to everything outlined in this document for all participation in these events going forward.

7. I'd like to be signed up to the The Athlete Place email list to get updates, special access to promotions and more.

8. I am allowing THEATHLETEPLACE LTD to the usage rights of my image online and on socials for a period that does not expire. (Please notify photographer or TAP staff if you don't wish to be photographed).

Q: Was there any part of the waiver you didn't agree to?
If there are any parts of the waiver you do not agree with, such as having your photo taken, please let one of The Athlete Place (TAP) team members or the photographer know and write your concerns below. If not, leave blank.

Q: How did you find out about TAP Run Club ⚡️?
This information helps us more than you can imagine. (e.g. Social media, word of mouth, leaflet etc.)
TAPRC ⚡️ WhatsApp Group: How to Join 👇
Once you've submitted this form you will be redirected to our TAPRC info page, here you can find the link to join the WhatsApp group. You can also be added by asking one of the TAP leaders on the day or via DM.