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Athletics is not an easy sport by any means, but by working together as a community, we can make it incredible for everyone involved.


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The No.1 platform for athletics parents.

Raising an athlete can be challenging … we’ve built the UK’s leading parental guidance platform… you won’t want to miss out.

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About theathleteplace.

theathleteplace™️ is a platform supporting both athletes and their parents. Our vision? Making their journeys easier and more enjoyable.

By supporting one another and working together as a community, we’ll make the sport and ourselves the best, happiest and most successful we can be. We’re in this together… so let’s make a difference together. 

Initially designed to support athletics athletes, it wasn’t long before we realised that parents too could probably do with a bit of support … both athletes and parents often felt it was a long and sometimes lonely journey, often with scenarios where they felt out of their depth and a bit of moral support or advice from someone in the know would have made all the difference.

We’re taking the trial and error out of being an athlete or parent in athletics.

As athletes and parents, the sharing of experiences and offering of support to others makes their involvement easier, a lot more fun, and less stressful. Considering one’s involvement often lasts several years, it stands to reason that this time should be enjoyable.

theathleteplace™️ is therefore here for you.

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By sharing your story you could help countless other athletes in the same position as you…

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Who Are We?

Joe Fuggle

I’m Joe, founder of theathleteplace and former GB junior 400m hurdler. Born and raised in East Sussex, I am 22 years old and now based at Loughborough University. I have been involved in high-level athletics for 10+ years and am now using my experience, knowledge and passion for helping others to create a brand supporting athletes and parents in track & field. I’d love to help you on your journey! 

Caroline Fuggle

I’m Caroline, Co-Founder of theathleteplace Parents and long-suffering Mum of Joe! Needless to say, I’ve been there every step of his athletics journey, through the highs and lows and have felt lucky to have been so involved. As a single parent, this journey hasn’t always been easy, and there have been more than a few difficult times, but, overall, the last 10 years have been amazing. Meeting like-minded athlete-parents has definitely been one of the highlights.