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~ An individual balancing academic studies with playing sport to any level.


The Athlete Place is an all-in-one guidance and community platform for student-athletes.

Founded by Former GB Athlete Joe Fuggle in 2020, it is designed to simplify the sporting journey by providing guidance from experts, elite athletes and leading research.


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Navigate 79+ sport-specific topics created by experts to make your journey easier and more successful.

Athlete Wellbeing

Enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, helping you perform at your best across all areas of your life.

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Nutrition is key if you want to succeed. Click to learn everything you'll need for optimum health and performance.

📚 13 lessons 

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Your mindset is a vital factor that influences your confidence, motivation, and outlook on life. Learn to optimise it here.

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Why We Started... 🤷‍♂️

Hey! I'm Joe, I have been involved in high-level sport for 10+ years and am now using my experience, knowledge and passion for helping others to create a platform that supports aspiring athletes and parents across all sports.

Despite representing Great Britain, I still struggled with balancing everything, and sport-related mental health issues that ultimately forced me out of athletics. But without these, I would never have started The Athlete Place.

I now share my experiences to help others on their sporting journeys... I’d love to help you on yours!



Helping You Navigate Your Student Athlete Journey.

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