It’s Never Too Late... by Eugene Amo-Dadzie


Author Biography:

Name: Eugene Amo-Dadzie

Age: 30

Event: 100m (PB = 9.93s)

Performance Level: International

Contribution topic area: Mindset

Who Am I?

I am a Christian, qualified chartered accountant, husband, and father to the most beautiful girl in the world. I made the decision to take up the sport at the age of 26 after a good friend of mine asked me why I had never considered pursuing a sport I have always been very passionate about. I guess the rest is history as here I am 4 seasons later wiser, more resilient and more importantly with a much stronger faith in God.


My Story

When I was asked to contribute to theathleteplace I felt compelled to share. Often in life people are discouraged from pursuing a passion due to various limitations, self imposed or otherwise. When I started the sport at 26 and competed at my first British champs in 2019 Steve Cram announced my name and club before stating at 27 I was “getting on a bit”. A natural bias many of us have that age is a limiting factor. Yet only a little bit of research would have revealed my athletics journey was in fact in its infancy. It was the semi-final and I had been drawn in the same race as Adam Gemili and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey. I ran 10.63 that day finishing 5th.

My journey to this point has been far from easy. It was only the other day I realised I have spent more time injured in my 4 seasons than fit. Each injury challenging me mentally. And if I am honest I did question God and wondered if I would ever achieve anything, if I had made the right choice in taking up the sport in the first place. Again this was another point where I could have allowed the injuries to convince me my passion wasn’t worth pursuing. Fast forward. I am now 30 and at the time of writing this my PB stands at 10.05 (UPDATE: Eugene has since run 9.93s), I was the 2021 British champs silver medalist and I currently sit at #17 on the UK all-time list.

I don’t write that to brag but to hammer home the heart of this blog. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.


If I am honest that commentary back in 2019 irked me. But it didn’t cause me to doubt myself but rather double down on my faith in what God could do through me. There hasn’t been a single point in my athletics journey thus far where I have felt that my age would stop me from being able to improve. From being able to become the best me. After all, it’s only really ever you VS you. No one can beat you at being you. And that brings me to my next point…

Living your life out through your passions is a beautiful journey, one that has allowed me to identify my truest self. So to all my fellow athletes, whatever your event, whatever your level don’t let anything stop you from believing you can improve. You can be better than last season. You can run that time, you can jump/throw that distance.

My Advice

Don’t be destination driven. Be motivated by the process. Pursue your passions with faith and discipline. And finally, don’t limit yourself. For me, I could view my career and family commitments as a barrier to progress, an excuse as to why I can’t improve. Instead, I accept that we all have a hand we have been dealt, and the best thing we can do is find ways to work with and around these perceived obstacles.

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